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'''Tonic''' may refer to: *Tonic water, a drink traditionally containing quinine *Soft drink, a carbonated beverage *Tonic (physiology), the response of a muscle fiber or nerve ending typified by slow, continuous action *Herbal tonic, a herbal medicine with tonic effects *Tonic (music), a concept of music theory *Tonic (band), an American rock band *Tonic (Tonic album)|''Tonic'' (Tonic album), 2010 *Tonic (music venue), a New York City music venue, 1998–2007 *Tonic (Medeski Martin & Wood album)|''Tonic'' (Medeski Martin & Wood album), 2000 *Tonic (radio program)|''Tonic'' (radio program), Canadian radio program *Tonic suit, a garment made from a shiny mohair blend that was fashionable among the Mods of the mid 1960s.
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